Collaboration, Communication

Faster decision-making, cost control and improved productivity! An AV Collaboration Solution will help deliver:

  • Reduced cycle time to complete complex projects
  • Improved quality and reduce errors in rework
  • Enhanced group cohesion and morale
  • Reduced cultural and communication barriers, and expanded participation to a broader range of participants

Communication is the polished result from multi-level collaboration. The result meets the prime need to tell the market about the product, its unique benefits. With professional style, flawless presentation. With the Wow! factor Audio Video presentation provides.


AV Spaces integrates any or all of these major media components in our systems..

  • Video Conferencing, also known as Telepresence or Distance Learning
  • Video Projectors
  • Projection screens, fixed or drop-down
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Computer interfacing
  • Voice reinforcement, presentation and recording
  • Video-Over-IP
  • Satellite/Cable/Off-Air Television
  • Lighting Control
  • Video recording and streaming
  • Networked system control and problem intervention
  • Data Retrieval from In-House LAN or WAN
  • Control Systems, Touch Panels, Wall Panels and “BYOD”, Bring Your Own Device: any Tablet, Smart Phone or Laptop
  • Room availability and scheduling
  • Remote system monitoring

AV Spaces’ expertise: integrating the disciplines of Audio Video (AV) and Information Technology (IT) into user-friendly, future-proof systems - from complex presentation and conference rooms to simple collaboration spaces.