Our Mission

    AV Spaces’ aim is to bring a unique feel to the business of Audio Video Systems Integration, our bridge to building long‐term relationships with our Customers. AV Spaces’ Audio Video integrated systems proposals are always based on consultative principals. By first determining our Customers’ real needs, and allying that basic information to our own expertise and the performance parameters of the industry-wide spectrum of equipment to which we have privileged access, we can confidently predict cost-effective realization of a Customers’ needs. Our constant aim is to always ensure a Customer has good reason to return.

About ROI…

    In today’s media rich corporate, commercial, and healthcare environments, Audio Video technologies play an increasingly vital role in the way organizations conduct business. Enabling and integrating Audio Video and Communications technologies has a profound influence on business operations, expanding the way people work and collaborate. Surrounded on a daily basis in their personal lives by technology-based communication and information tools, the expectation of the “same thing” in their corporate lives is elevated not only in Boardrooms but at all levels. The added value, the investment return, integrated AV systems for collaboration and communication bring to business practices is well-proven.

Our Clients Speak, We Listen:

The Integrated Systems we design and install for them must, borrowing from Steve Jobs’ playbook, “just work”. No complex start-up or operational procedures. They insist that their integrated Audio Video/IT presentation and conferencing systems are there NOT to look good. Although by definition and expectation they must do that too, reflecting Clients’ image in the marketplace. Capability and reliability are essential, the system is NOT there to demonstrate its own technical virtuosity!

Collaboration and Presentation media, by definition in today’s technologically and competitively fast-moving markets, as well as “just working” must also, to back up that intuitiveness, be “Instant-On”! Users must be able to switch on, show, and tell. The ultimate in Client confidence: AV Spaces systems can be created with remote monitoring and diagnostic features; a capability that enables AV Spaces’ HelpDesk to provide urgent response to remedy any system issues.