Boardrooms & Executive Meeting Rooms

Management’s key meeting areas. At this level, there’s no time for having to be concerned about how the information system works; that it just works, reliably and discreetly with image and sound perfection, is paramount. These prime rules mean the audio video media and control systems need to present a whole slew of information from a wide spectrum of source media, including BYOD! Integrated, easy-to-use, commanding.

At Board level, the information and presentation environment will usually have total access to the Company’s LAN and WAN networks, requiring interfaces to the Boardroom systems. And, for organizations with multiple and/or international locations, there will be the requirement to link - live - with those remote locations.

A Boardroom is often required to make a statement about the company itself, particularly if it is required to double as a High Level Briefing Room for invitation-only, C-level visitors. Our Clientele have often remarked that this “multi-purpose” consideration will help amortize the cost of the facilities across cost-effective accounting columns! AV Spaces’ consultative experts will work as part of your Team in evaluating all of the requirements, and the solutions, to optimize outcomes to these important budgetary considerations.

AV Spaces team has a wealth of experience in building presentation, communication and videoconferencing systems for major corporations’ Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms. Where decisions matter.

Training Rooms

A company’s training rooms and today’s education and training professionals, take full advantage of optimized AV systems to support both formal presentations (the “Tell”) and interactive (the “Discuss and Collaborate”) components of the training function. To ensure optimal use of presentation and communications media, Training Rooms MUST recognize that AV systems need to retain the time-honored principle that the systems are true audio visual aids: that they augment, but do not overwhelm, the skilled human component. Systems following that maxim need to be robust, reliable, top quality and, importantly, simple to use.

Facilities may include local presentation and collaboration media and/or allow interactivity with remote locations. Training Discipline Specialists may be located only at a remote location, allowing local participants to get the benefit of such expertise through Distance-Learning facilities, Video Conferencing, or Telepresence: their common aim is to take advantage of the whole spectrum of presentation and information media at both locations for two-way interactivity.

AV Spaces’’ expertise in the Training Room Space will assist you in determining the needs of your Training Room, to ensure user benefits are maximized while realizing an identifiable return on investment.

Collaboration Spaces

The Collaboration Space can comprise either a small office or simply a designated space within an open office area. The small office may belong to an individual, one who has a regular necessity for calling ad-hoc meetings, while not requiring a fully-fledged AV presentation system. It’s a fact that, by limiting the provided presentation resources in such cases, definition and quality of collaboration sessions will actually be improved. By no means, though, are the system resources a limiting factor; collaboration may incorporate sophisticated Video Conferencing, multiple source media, and network access. And in these ad-hoc sessions, the ability to use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device, such as iPads or other tablets) dynamically opens up collaboration possibilities. The choice is limited only by necessity.

Impromptu collaboration sessions are facilitated within open-plan office areas when facilities similar to that illustrated above are provided in designated areas. This encourages “democratization” in the various levels of corporate staff, where “ideas” can be germinated and developed by those actually involved. This works for the organization in two ways: it facilitates involvement in developmental processes and, what is equally valuable, it demonstrates that the company actively encourages such involvement, rather than restricting it to Boardroom, Formal Meeting Rooms, “behind closed doors”.

AV Spaces’ experienced team will advise and consult with your own Specialists, Designers, Contractors and End Users, to determine specifications and optimum solutions for your Collaboration Spaces.