Let Our Team Work for You

  • A Corporate User?
  • A General Contractor, with new or refurb plans for a Corporate Client?
  • An Interior Designer or an Architect, designing AV environments for a Client?

The key to successful realization of the collaboration and communication power of Audio Video systems is to get AV Spaces’ Team on board as early as possible in the design and construction process.

AV Spaces will meet, consult with, and work with your Team to help formulate your plans for the project. Up-front collaboration is fundamentally important to achieving a team-wide understanding of both the functionality required and the environmental considerations for integrating the AV systems into the building fabric.

AV Spaces will not only consult with the project drivers - Corporate Officers, Architect, Designer and Contractor – but, with your approval and working closely with you, we will involve the eventual hands-on users of the facilities; building an understanding which will reap handsome dividends in terms of systems acceptance and use.